Isabella's Design Wins CEO Award

Isabella won the East of England CEO award for her self charging keyboard.

All pupils in Year 6 participated in The National Young Leaders Award in Engineering Completion. The competition encourages pupils from primary and secondary schools across the UK to look at the world around them and find engineered solutions to common problems.

We are delighted to have received feedback from the assessment process and celebrate our best ever results. All pupils have Passed or gained Merits and 14 pupils were awarded Distinctions. We would like to particularly congratulate Arnav K, Emira T, Holly B, Oliver C, William A who were also shortlisted as Finalists. 

Isabella was presented with her trophy and Certificate of Achievement at Anglia Ruskin University on the 22nd June. 

Isabella designed a self charging Chromebook which generates electricity as the keys are typed. The judges celebrated her creativity and the potential real world application of this design. 

The judges commented that ‘The standard of application was very high. These were well thought out designs which were described well and made judging a pleasure. The ideas were excellent and the winning designs solved problems in innovative ways.’