Introducing Felsted's New Heads of School

Here is an introduction to our new Heads of School, Izzy, Ruby and Will.

(left to right) Izzy, Ruby and Will

Izzy C:

I've been at Felsted since Year 9. I'm currently studying History, Politics, French and TEP and I hope to study Philosophy and Politics at University. I'm particularly interested in performing arts and I was lucky enough to play Eliza Doolittle in the school's production of 'My Fair Lady' last year.

In my time at Felsted I've been passionate about sport and I've been able to compete for the hockey and cricket first eleven. Looking forwards, I'd like to do a Law conversion or possibly pursue a career in journalism. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time at Felsted and am very grateful to be in a leadership position this year.


Ruby H:

Looking back at my time at Felsted, it has been an incredible journey. I have been at the school since the age of 4, from reception all the way to year 13. I have grown massively as a person and have been given so many opportunities that have helped shape me to be the person that I am today and hope to be in the future.

My main interests are sport and singing. I have always played sport from a good level within the prep school and senior school, playing for the first teams from younger years to now and have taken part in every concert on offer, alongside participating in all plays in the school up to this year. I am currently studying for my A levels; English Literature, Economics and Psychology and I hope to go to University next year to study Business Marketing and Management. I have loved getting involved in everything at the school and am so grateful for the memories I have made and for my time at Felsted.


Will B:

I joined Felsted in Year 9, starting in Monts House. I am delighted to have been given the role of Head of School, and I hope to create meaningful change in my final year. So please, if you have any suggestions, let myself, Ruby or Izzy know what it is you wish to change!

I am currently studying Maths, Economics and politics with hopes to study PPE at university.

I have truly enjoyed being at Felsted for many reasons, but more specifically representing and playing for the school rugby first team, as well as participating in the Jazz band and performing at the various concerts. 

As Head of School, I would encourage everyone to try something that pushes their boundaries. Once you leave Felsted the opportunities the school offers may not become as easily available again, and you will have missed out greatly on something you could have really enjoyed. 

I hope that we can all have a smooth and successful next few weeks, to finish off a very successful term.