International Women in Science Day

Year 5 and 6 pupils from Felsted Prep School joined other pupils from local schools to celebrate International Women in Science Day. Pupils had the opportunity to extend their scientific thinking and understanding under the guidance of the Senior School Science teachers and pupils. 

The pupils made a red cabbage indicator to develop their understanding of acids and alkalis in the Chemistry session. With their new knowledge, they were able to identify which sample of liquid would be safe to drink. 

In their Biology class, they investigated the effect of alcohol and caffeine on Daphnia heart rates as well as looking at the effect of light on Brine Shrimp
The ‘Physics of Chocolate’ session had the pupils captivated! If they could work out how much force was needed to break different chocolate bars they were allowed to eat it!   


Pupils certainly developed their critical thinking, collaboration and investigative skills through these problem solving STEM activities, inspiring the future generation of young female scientists.  

Science at Felsted