IB Psychology - Research Methods

By Mrs V Smith, Head of Psychology

Felsted’s Year 12 IB Psychology students applied their understanding of Psychological research methods to the current pandemic. They were each tasked with thinking of a research question that relates to the current pandemic. They devised research questions that were both wide ranging and insightful. 

Research questions proposed by Year 12 IB students:

  • What has the effect of lockdown on student concentration; Is there a difference in concentration for students learning in the classroom compared with online learning?
  • What effect has lockdown had on relationships within the family; will there be a long term effect?
  • Why have people affected changes to aspects of their lives during the pandemic.?
  • What is the impact of lockdown on the well being of the elderly; does access to current technology make a difference?
  • How has the pandemic affected the mental well being of 15-8 year olds?
  • What has been the impact of unemployment during lockdown on individual well being?

As they planned how each study could be conducted, they appreciated the difficulties that psychologists have in accessing valid information. Using a range of methods including surveys, interviews and focus groups they carefully considered how they would be able to research their particular question and offered a critique of their peers’ research design. 

In this lesson, these students demonstrated excellent understanding of how research is conducted and we all learned a lot about the importance of social interaction for us.

Sixth Form at Felsted