Hong Kong Work Experience

By James Cotterill (Yr 13)

During August, Elle King and I departed to the far east, for one week’s worth of work experience in Hong Kong, where I would be partaking in a week of getting to know the Forex Options market, and about inter-dealer broking as a whole, and stay with Old Felstedians, Jimmy and Fiona Priest, who kindly offered the opportunity.

The week was a fantastic experience; well balanced with learning about the different roles of a Broker within the Forex options market with live situation experience as well. A great chance to learn about a fascinating career path, and to gain useful knowledge workplace skills. Furthermore, the opportunity to stay in such a multicultural and vibrant city such as Hong Kong during this experience made the trip even better. 


By Ellie King (Yr 13)

During my incredible time in Hong Kong I had the privilege of shadowing Fiona Priest, Director of International Project Marketing at Knight Frank. I learnt a vast amount during my time which enabled me an insight into how International Residential Properties are promoted to Chinese clients living in Hong Kong. 
In addition to this I was given the opportunity to travel and explore Hong Kong, which I had never been to before. I was able to gain valuable work experience whilst sightseeing around Hong Kong, an experience I will never forget. 
Following this work experience, I am currently seeking an apprenticeship or a job in the Real Estate industry with a particular interest in marketing.