Harry Potter Book Night

On Wednesday 5 February the Felsted Library was transformed into a set for a Harry Potter Triwizard Tournament. With our very own 'cupboard under the stairs', Moaning Myrtle in the 'Rooms of Requirement', flying keys, flying letters, restricted section, invisibility cloaks, potions, suspended candles and our very own Platform 9 3/4 entrance, the stage was set. 

The trainee wizards were challenged to complete tasks in a competition for the Triwizard Trophy. Durmstrang, Beauxbaton and Hogwarts fought head-to-head in the 'Goblet of Fire' challenge, 'pinning a sock on Dobby' and then a 20 question quiz on 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'. They were hindered by the 'Every Flavour Beans' on their tables which meant that key players occasionally had to leave the room if they had chosen ear wax, earthworm or rotten egg! 

A scavenger hunt for the Accio spell had everyone running around the Library for further points.

While the all important scores were totted up our participants enjoyed sorting cakes, polyjuice potion and chocolate eclairs while making Hedwig balloons and discussing Potter related topics.


And the winners were... Beauxbaton... awarded the cup and, as the Library couldn't quite stretch to a thousand galleons, they each received a chocolate frog and either a 'quick quill' pen or Hedwig eraser.
Thank you to our Library Committee, Library volunteers, the caterers and our works department for their help in making this event such a success. A special thank you to Mrs Jamison who has worked tirelessly to help pull all the different elements together to make it a special evening.

Library at Felsted