Harriet's Lockdown Cake Business

by Harriet W (Yr 13)

During lockdown I have started my own cake making business called Harriet’s Cakes. I studied Business at A Level and this knowledge has helped me to start my business. I am amazed at the amount of custom that I have received and I am very grateful! I am hoping to continue this business throughout the summer. 

I was finding myself having a lot of spare time during quarantine and I wanted to find something to do. I applied for a few jobs in local supermarkets however felt that I did not want to put myself or my family at a higher risk of catching Covid-19.  My inspiration came from a family friend who lives in Wales, who also started up her own cake making business a few months ago. I have also gained inspiration from a lot of research online and through looking in baking books. 

Marketing has been a very large part of starting my business as I have had to look at what market to target and what position I want to be in the market. I decided to target both adults and children by creating different sorts of cakes, for example the children seem to like the sweetie ones. I have also had to look at how I differentiate my product from others that are in the market. I found that in the same market a lot of cupcakes and cake tended to be very plain or have very few items actually on the cupcakes/cakes. So therefore I decided I was going to load mine with a large variety of sweets and chocolates, which people seem to have loved! I am also trying to make all my cake toppers and decorations edible which helps my product to be unique. 

Business A Level has also taught me about cash flow, which is really useful for my new business as I need to know how much money is flowing into my company and how much I am spending on ingredients and equipment. 

However starting Harriet’s cake has not been without its difficulties, as sourcing all the ingredients and materials that I need has been very challenging. But I am overcoming this difficulty by doing a lot of online research. 

If you would like see more of my products or place an order please contact me: Facebook: @harrietscakes1 / Instagram: @harrietscakes200.