GCSE Results 2020 - Headmaster's Statement

This has been a summer like no other for all schools, and the last fortnight has been particularly extraordinary. Our Year 11 pupils GCSE grades reflect outstanding hard work over the last two years, and particular resilience in the last term.  We are very proud of all the effort that they have put in to their studies, and know that these outcomes will help to ensure that they can proceed to the sixth form with confidence.

For many, the loss of the exams, which appeared initially to be great news, will leave them feeling uncertain whether to celebrate their results.  They should do so, because these results are based on performance in mock exams, classwork, homework and coursework that they have done.  For others, they will be frustrated that they were denied the chance to show what they could have done in the final stretch to improve their grades, as they had intended to do.

For all of them, there will be lessons to learn from this experience.  Resilience, independence, hard work and compassion should guide them all.  If they have flown high, they should be humble, if they have fallen short, they should renew their determination and make sure that they start their sixth form studies with the most positive of attitudes.

I am hugely proud of what they have achieved during their time at Felsted, and look forward to seeing what they can go on to achieve in the coming years.  I am also very grateful to all the parents, who have provided outstanding support at all times, but particularly in the last term, and of course to the teachers who discovered new skills in remote learning this last term, but have worked with, encouraged and enthused these young people throughout their GCSE courses.

Five pupils achieved ten grade 9s and a further four achieved nine grade 9s. Fourteen pupils overall achieved a clean sweep of 8s and 9s. However, it is not just about the top grades; many of our students should be congratulated for achieving results that they would not have thought possible a few years ago. We are particularly proud of their hard work and the progress that they have made, sometimes in the face of challenging personal circumstances. Our students have the choice of going on to study either A Levels or the International Baccalaureate Diploma in our Sixth Form.

Felsted pupils have achieved an excellent 100% GCSE pass rate over the past 3 years. 50% of all grades were 9-7, 70% 9-6 and 96% 9-4 (3 year average).

Chris Townsend

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