French Festival Research in MFL

This week, students in Year 9 were challenged to get away from their screens and research a French festival of their choice. They were free to choose any format to present their work. Here are some of the many wonderful pieces of work handed in. 

Toby S made a display about the Marciac Festival of Jazz

Poppy H made a poster about 14th July

Jemima L made a beautifully illustrated booklet about traditional weddings in France

Meanwhile, Year 11 student Eloise B has been busy in the kitchen and made a Spanish tortilla which all the family enjoyed together! Finally, congratulations to L6 IB student Archie P who has submitted a rap in Spanish. Archie worked on a song based on the song "A Dios le pido" (I ask God) by Colombian singer Juanes. The original song is full of verbs in the present subjunctive form so Archie used it as a vehicle to study that verb mode. The final task was for students to create a similar song or poem and Archie has gone further by creating his own video. Archie's version translates roughly like this: " I ask God not to be misunderstood/I ask God not to let people get hurt anymore/I ask God to protect my family/I ask God to let me go to Bora-Bora/I ask God to give me a child".