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Freddie's Film Success

Freddie L, Yr 13, is receiving much acclaim at film festivals across the globe for his short film 'The Art within Conflict'.  So far, he has been selected for the Melkbos International Film Festival in South Africa, the South Film and Arts Festival in South America and is a Semi-finalist in the CKF International Film Festival in London. 

“The motivation behind the film was to try to spread the important and unique experiences that my mother has had across her career as a war photographer. I believe it gives a perspective into the experience of what war can be like from a person who has experienced it first hand. I also felt inclined to make a film about her life as she has been a big inspiration to me for wanting to pursue film due to her artistic background.”

Good news also is that Freddie has been offered a place at Westminster University to study Film, a highly competitive degree course and his top choice. “I have been interested in film for a very long time and since the age of 15 I have been trying to build up my portfolio and experience. I see my future career in cinematography as well as directing, possibly in dramas or documentaries."