Foreign Language Spelling Bee Regional Finalists

The Stage 3 heat of the Foreign Language Spelling Bee was recently held to find the winner of the Spanish and German school competitions and the top overall runner-up. Pupils taking part in the Spanish heat were Aleena A, Holly M, Harry M, Jack R and Lucas Y.  In the German heat were Yasmin D, Noah F and Sebastian J.


In the Spelling Bee, each contestant has one minute to translate as many given words into Spanish or German as they can and then spell them out using the Spanish or German pronunciation of the alphabet. For Stage 1, pupils learned 50 Spanish or German words.  They then had to learn a further 100 words for Stage 2, and after that, another 50 for the Stage 3 heat. 

Well done to Aleena A, who won the Spanish competition and to Yasmin D and Noah F who were the winner and the top runner-up in the German competition respectively.  All three have now recorded their regional final round which have been sent to the organisers of the competition, Routes into Languages.  The National Final of the competition will take place in July at Cambridge University and pupils will have to learn a further 100 words.