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Felsted School Embraces Online Education 

During a time of uncertainty, Felsted School’s community is embracing the new need for distance learning using both new and previously established online resources. 

Felsted was already an active user of Google for education and is currently using Google Classroom to deliver online lessons on the same school timetable for all students, with live video talks and messaging between students and staff to keep active communication going.

Felsted Prep teachers are using Clickview, an educational video library for creating and sharing videos, to continue class reading and deliver learning exercises. Clickview is also being used across the school to deliver mindfulness sessions, assemblies, PSHE and drama, as well as videos of best practice to support parents. 


Google Classroom GCSE Drama

The Music Department has been continuing to deliver individual lessons over video call and have even managed a virtual orchestra, with everyone recording their individual pieces to be put together as a final recording. They will also be aiming to use technology to continue the weekly Thursday breaktime recital, showcasing the musical talents of individuals or groups.


The school chaplain, Nigel Little, is continuing to deliver remote Chapel services, posted on the website and through Twitter. Social media is playing a big part in distance learning, with different departments sharing their successes and providing guidance to help everyone stay connected. Many examples can be seen on the main school Twitter feed (FelstedSchool)

PE sessions have been getting creative, with pupils choosing their favourite way to exercise, from running, sporting activities in the garden, exercise videos, dog-walks, bike rides and gardening. Meanwhile for those in sports teams, remote practice has continued as much as possible with coaches coming up with inventive ways of encouraging people to keep fit, including a ‘hockey home challenge’ with a number of simple workout routines to do daily, which have been shared on the Felsted Hockey Twitter account.


Felsted also recognises the importance of supporting positive mental wellbeing in these uncertain times. Our pioneering Wellbeing Centre is now open in cyberspace with our wellbeing professionals available to support students and staff  with any concerns they may have.