Felsted Prep Spanish Colchester Zoo Trip

Felsted’s Set 1 Spanish pupils recently went on a cross-curricular Science/Spanish trip to Colchester Zoo. Pupils were able to deepen their knowledge of animals through attending two Science workshops and also extend their Spanish vocabulary by completing tasks from a workbook. The feedback from pupils has been very positive so the trip will take place again in the next academic year. 

Pupil Report by Ayla & Millie 

When we arrived at the zoo, everyone was very excited and eager to learn some new vocabulary - and of course to see the animals! We were given a brochure with tasks for us to complete in Spanish. 

As we looked around at the large variety of animals, we found out information about them and then filled in the blanks in our brochure in Spanish. Some tasks were particularly helpful for our Spanish, such as describing the animals, as it enabled us to extend ourselves and improve our vocabulary. 

Our lovely teachers were also alongside us to assist if we needed any help and encouraged us to ask plenty of questions to broaden our knowledge and understanding.

The trip was all in all a great way to learn outside of the classroom in a different environment and a great way to immerse ourselves in things about Spanish vocabulary as well as animals and their enrichment. It was great fun and a brilliant opportunity worth doing and we would definitely do it again.