Felsted Prep Leadership Scheme

Felsted Prep pupils are encouraged at each phase of their school career to develop new skills and traits to enable to them to grow as a leader.

Ffrome Court Rising Stars Club

‘Shoot for the moon and even if you miss, you will land amongst the stars.’

Leadership in Ffrome Court is about the development of the self, developing traits that will lead to leadership in the future. This is developed under the Leadership mnemonic (Learning, Environment, Adventure, Democracy, Embracing the world, Responsibility and Service). There are classroom and Ffrome Court roles of helpful tasks that aid the development of responsibility and a feeling of esteem, self-worth and looking after the community. The ‘Rising Stars’ leadership is rewarded with Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates at the end of the Year.

Some examples of qualities encouraged in Ffrome Court are as follows:

1. Leading and Learning - looking after own belongings, completing homework, earning awards.

2. Environment - caring for the environment, recycling, turning off lights.

3. Adventure - taking part in activities, school matches, going to Forest School.

4. Democracy - understanding of others, making good choices, taking part in cultural and social activities such as choirs, productions, groups.

5. Embracing the Wider World - being a member of Global Gang, Mindful ambassador, learning about other cultures/languages.

6. Responsibility - following the HOWDI code, good personal hygiene, healthy eating, job responsibilities within the Phase and school.

7. Service - supporting charity events.

The pupils update their forms in school at regular intervals and at the end of the year are presented with a bronze, silver or gold award.

Cloisters LEADERS Scheme

Cloisters pupils will find many challenges that will help them develop new skills and enable them to grow as a leader.

Starting in January, pupils are introduced to the LEADERS Scheme where they will be able to participate and record a range of challenges and opportunities that demonstrate their journey to becoming a successful leader.

How does it work?

Pupis are given either a Year 5 Leaders Booklet or Year 6 Leaders Passport, and they will need to think about ways to achieve the challenges. When they have completed one their form tutor or a staff member will sign them. Some challenges are quite straightforward and easy to do, while other challenges will take more time and effort. 

Pupils will complete some of these at school and some can be completed at home.

Courtauld House Leadership

Leadership is always a challenging skill to learn and many adults as well as children find it hard to get it right all of the time. There are many different types of leaders and no one way is the correct way to lead. Some lead from the front while others prefer to lead by encouraging others to step forward.

Courtauld House has its very own Leadership Scheme which tries to get the pupils to look at themselves and think about where they are leading themselves and others. More importantly pupils are asked to think about what they learn from their experiences and what they might perhaps do differently next time they are faced with a similar challenge.

The scheme is divided into the LEADERS acronym mentioned above and pupils are asked to think about their leadership experiences in relation to learning, the environment, adventure, democracy, embracing the wider world, responsibility (for themselves and others) and service (in and out of School). There are examples in each section. The pupils are asked to fill in these sections and write about what they gained from the experience. These are shared with their tutors who will sign them off. At the end of Year 8 certificates are awarded in relation to how many challenges have been signed off. The level of award ranges from white to bronze to silver to gold and ultimately platinum.