Felsted Prep BBC Young Reporters - Week 2

Our team of BBC Young Reporters have set out to tell the stories that matter to them this term. The Young Reporters have developed their collaboration and communication skills to carry out numerous online and phone interviews to find the answers to their questions about the impact of Covid in different areas of life. Their stories focus on what is important today both at Felsted and in the wider world.  We look forward to sending you these reports over the next few weeks.


School life - what is the impact of Covid 19?

Written by Hector L, George E, Jonty G, Jake G, Charlie R, Milo M. 
Everyone has been affected by Covid 19, but for us, here in school, we wanted to find out how much longer the restrictions will be in place. We interviewed Mr Stringer, Head of Courtauld House,  to find out more about Covid 19 and its effects in school 

Question: How much have the new restrictions affected the school and how long do you think they will be in place for?
Answer: I think the Covid 19 rules will be in place for most of the academic year but we all know they have been put in place for a good reason.

Question: A lot of people are missing sport, how long do you think it will be before sports will be coming back?
Answer: There will be no proper rugby just rugby skills this term and cricket and hockey. Hopefully we will be back to normal by the end of the year.

Question: What are your thoughts on the school potentially going back into lockdown at some point in the future? 
Answer: I think school would only ever go back to lockdown as a last resort and even if it does, they will only take out some Year groups and just restrict the rules a bit more.

Question: Do you think that it was a good idea to go back to school and if so why?
Answer: I think it was a great idea because we all learned from lockdown that we need to have personal interaction with each other.

Question: Is this the biggest challenge you have ever faced, not being able to teach contact rugby?
Answer: Not coaching contact rugby isn’t the biggest challenge I have faced but Covid 19 is the biggest challenge I have faced being at this school.

Question: Will Covid 19 affect the way we do speech day and sports day this year  
Answer: Yes it will change speech day and sports day because there will still be restrictions in place and we will still need to keep everyone safe.

Question:How much of a different experience has it been for you teaching and coaching sport during Covid 19?
Answer: In some respects there has been no difference but in other respects we just need to beware of each other and make sure we keep to the rules of social distancing.