Felsted MDV Offers 2021

Places for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Medicine remain extremely competitive. The global pandemic has raised the profile of healthcare workers considerably and the total number of applications for Medicine at UK universities for entry in 2021 was nearly 29,000, up 21% compared to applications for entry in 2020. 
It is therefore even more pleasing that the following Felstedians have all secured MDV offers:

  • Holly P for Veterinary Medicine
  • Milly A G for Medicine 
  • Alex C for Medicine
  • Michelle G for Medicine
  • In addition Zoia O is to major in Biology in the United States on the Pre-Med track
  • Matilde C is expected to secure an offer to read Medicine in Ireland
  • Alex L and Marlene S are applying for Medicine and Dentistry respectively at German universities.

Felsted is grateful for the support of OFs and Parents in the Health and Biomedical Sciences Network. Support has included FelsTed talks, online mock interviews and in pre-COVID times, face to face presentations.

Although the number of applicants in the UK for Medicine is so high, relatively few of them aspire to be GPs. It was with this in mind that a Year 10 specific MedSoc sessions focussed on the importance of GPs in the management of not only acute problems but also chronic diseases.  


Holly P

I am delighted to have received offers from Harper and Keele Vet School and Nottingham University to read Veterinary Medicine and I am waiting to hear from RVC. Throughout the application process, my involvement with MedSoc and the Pre-Interview Sessions was invaluable; providing me with mock interviews with vets, guidance with the writing of my personal statement, helping me to secure work experience and directing me towards MOOCs to complete. 

Throughout my time at Felsted I have enjoyed playing in the jazz and funk bands and singing in the choir, completing two grade 8s in singing and saxophone. Whilst at the moment I haven’t chosen my University yet, I am excited to start studying wherever I go.  

Alex C.

Over the past few months, I am very pleased to have secured offers for both Medicine and Physics at UK universities and have chosen to pursue Medicine at the University of Edinburgh. Despite the long and difficult process, the support of the school kept me motivated and helped me greatly in receiving these offers. 

The Medical Society at Felsted and my teachers in particular aided me a lot with the application process, including the UCAT, BMAT and interview preparation. Aside from academics, I’ve enjoyed partaking in a variety of co-curricular activities such as music, drama, societies and more. In particular, I enjoy playing in the school’s orchestra and jazz band. I am really grateful for all of the various opportunities that I've been provided with, and I look forward to becoming a doctor.


Michelle G

I’m currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Maths for A-Level. As well as offers for Biomedical Sciences I recently received an offer for Medicine at University of Buckingham. I’ve received lots of help from Med Soc and Andrew Soc when writing my personal statement and in particular preparing for my interviews, as well as BMAT and UCAT preparation. 

I was fortunate to secure work experience at hospitals in China, and Felsted guided me towards online work experience during the lockdown. I look forward to entering the field of Medicine encompassing life-long learning and hope to specialise in neurosurgery. 


Zoia O.

Having joined Felsted in L6 as an IB student I am delighted to have had the opportunity to thrive in such a supportive and open-minded environment as Felsted. I was able to secure offers from the University of Exeter and King's College London to read Biomedical Science and I was accepted to multiple universities in the United States to major in Biology on the pre-med track. 

Through various activities such as the Medical Society, I have been able to widen my knowledge of biomedical sciences, motivating me to explore even more through projects such as the CREST Award. Being a part of the Uganda Team and a Safi Ambassador have motivated me to create my own projects and have definitely helped in shaping my mindset. It is thanks to these activities and the constant support from my teachers that I have been accepted to Northeastern University where I aim to continue my further academic career as a Biology and Political Science major on the Pre-Med track.

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