Felsted International Returners Course

Following the success of the Felsted International Summer School Online Global Studies and English Language programme, an online provision was created for a number of Felsted international boarders who were required to isolate when returning from overseas before the term began.

In addition to this, we included students from 10 partner schools around the world that found themselves in a similar position. Many of these, such as Millfield, AKS Lytham and Dover College are in the UK but we were also able to include partner schools in Kumasi, Ghana and Buenos Aires, Argentina, for instance. The programme ran from August 25 - September 6, where over 120 students took part in live online lessons and engaged with our subject based material and pre-recorded videos through the Canvas learning platform. We also included online guest speakers and workshops to give each programme an added level of variety.

Students were highly motivated and determined to learn, which made this a fantastic course to be a part of. 

The course helped me improve my communication skills (thanks to the online lessons, where I was given the opportunity to comment and share my opinion about everything), my writing skills (that I used to complete all of the Home Study given during the course, and to participate in the Discussion forum), and my listening skills (which helped me to take notes about every video shared). 
Tomás Oloriz. High Cross. Argentina.

At first, the conference was about the introduction and discussion of the concepts that will be discussed. These reflections were followed by breakout sessions where we had to discuss specific questions in groups of about 7-8 people, after which we would come back to the main conference and present the ideas discussed to the whole group. I particularly broadened my knowledge on the concepts of International Relations as it was very theoretical and I loved having to actually read into something deeper, more focused and detailed that relates to the field of politics and helps to better understand the conflicts that have happened and that are still going on.

The approach taken in the course was excellent. Classes were dynamic and the learning environment was fantastic. A great deal of participation and exchange of ideas was constantly encouraged, not only in the live conferences but also in the discussion forum. That way, everyone was given the place to speak their mind as well as being encouraged to share ideas or interesting content.
Chiara Corso. El Mirador Belvedere School. Argentina.

I would 100% recommend this course to any prospective student as it gave me the opportunity to use my academic research skills while developing my discussion skills while connecting with people from all over the world. Canvas was easily accessible and the teaching style allowed us to explore the topic in a new and original way every time. The students were provoked to think deeper and convey their thoughts about the topics using relevant information from the sources provided and from bouncing ideas off of each other. I thought the students were all very engaging and all had something useful to add to the discussion, everyone was very welcoming and everyone had the ability to voice their opinions.