Felsted English Dept Presents 'An Inspector Calls' Interactive Extravaganza

by Julia Z (Yr 10)

The Felsted English department put on an interactive extravaganza in order to introduce the Year 10s to Priestley’s ‘An Inspector Calls’. This was of great benefit and helped us assimilate the characterizations and allegories used to depict each character, as well as to comprehend how the contextual setting amplified the dramatic irony. During the performance, the Birlings were credibly personated by Mr Crossley (Mr Birling), Mrs James (Mrs Birling), Miss Ball (Sheila), and Miss Fell (Eric), alongside Mr Catchpole and Miss Sunshine who played Gerald Croft and Edna respectively; their acting was very authentic and enjoyable to watch!

On the whole, the performance offered a great insight into how the dispositions of the characters were framed in the exposition of the play. Nonetheless, this was not all the English department had in store…there were interviews too. After the successful and enlightening production, the ‘actors’ navigated through the audience to be interviewed by pupils who had task sheets to complete that helped further understanding of the characters’ motives and relationships. All in all, the spectacle was convivial and the whole of year 10 is very thankful for having such dedicated teachers. 


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