ESU Public Speaking Success

By Ms E McLaren, HoD Classics
Tuesday 2 February saw the first round of the ESU Public Speaking Competition, held on Zoom. Felsted entered two teams, who had crafted and prepared diligently for their different roles with the able assistance of Mr Borg. 

The format of the competition was team based, so that each school provided a speaker, chair and questioner. 

With a combination of warmth, incisive argument and logic, Hannah B delivered an impassioned speech on the roles of women in society. Her rhetoric was first class and the audience were mesmerised by the delivery of her speech. She was ably supported by her other team members, Ellie D and Izzy C, who commanded the online ‘room’ in their respective roles. Izzy’s incisive questioning and dialogue showed a maturity beyond her years. 

Felsted Team two were equally charismatic. Elle F had the judges chuckling with her discussion of the British love of euphemisms. Having invited them to visit the little room to powder their nose if they were bored, she went on to outline the more negative aspects of mis-speech, especially in politics. The duo of Ruby R (chair) and Niamh W added greatly to this team’s performance. 

Ruby made a cracking introduction of the opposition speaker and set the tone for the rest of the evening.  Niamh asked confident questions, whilst also showing a genuine interest in the speaker. 

These two teams gave some of the strongest performances we have seen in recent years, and we are delighted that Team Two (Elle, Ruby and Niamh) were awarded first place out of the six teams competing. 

This means that they are through to the Regional Finals in March, an event to which we are very much looking forward! All the girls showed dexterity and maturity in their performances, and we look forward to seeing them speak on bigger stages in years to come.