ESU Public Speaking County Final

In early February Felsted's intermediate team competed in the Essex final of the ESU-Churchill Public Speaking competition. The team, comprising Kit Morley-Jacob, Lydia Townsend and Stephanie Rodley, were incredible in their delivery, poise and powerful rhetoric.

Kit Morley-Jacob took to the stage to discuss the issue ‘Is ‘normal’ determined by the society we live in?’, and spoke in both a mature and humorous way. He commanded the stage, and totally engaged the audience. It was a powerful and persuasive speech and was a real highlight of the evening.

As a duo, Stephanie Rodley and Lydia Townsend gave a polished and confident performance as questioner and chair respectively. Lydia owned the room through her dramatic, touching and humorous management of the team. Similarly, Stephanie’s perceptive and incisive questioning helped tease out more details from the speaker, and allowed the audience to grow in their understanding of the topic.

Despite not taking home first prize, I have rarely seen such a strong public speaking team and I cannot praise them highly enough for all the hard work they put into this competition. Lets watch this space to see where they go in the future!

Ms E McLaren 


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