ESU Public Speaking 2019

This week saw success in the ESU-Churchill Public Speaking First Round, held at Alec Hunter Academy. The team, comprising of Kit Morley-Jacob, Lydia Townsend and Stephanie Rodley, saw off several other local teams, through their combination of confidence, humour and rhetorical skill.

Kit Morley-Jacob took to the stage to discuss the issue ‘Is ‘normal’ determined by the society we live in?’, and led us to consider how sociological factors define our sense of normal, perhaps to the detriment of those who are considered ‘different’. Kit was awarded Outstanding Personality of the night and this was a reflection of the charisma and polish with which he delivered the speech.  

As a duo, Stephanie Rodley and Lydia Townsend commanded the room in their respective roles showing great teamwork and comradery. Lydia truly allowed her personality to be incorporated into her role as chairperson, with her sense of the dramatic and humorous one-liners maintaining the attention of the audience throughout. Similarly, Stephanie’s adroitness in her questioning displayed to judges and audience alike that her understanding of the topic was incisive and accurate. 

Having won the team runner-up prize, we look forward to seeing them compete again in the next round at Anglia Ruskin University. The progress over the last year has been remarkable and we have high hopes for the coming weeks!


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