ESU Public Speaking

Two Felsted Sixth Form teams recently battled it out as part of the ESU-Churchill Public Speaking competition. Team 1, comprising of Franky Slater, Vivian Beale and Charlotte Perry demonstrated confidence, humour and rhetorical skill. Team 2, featuring Milly Adshead-Grant, Scarlett Walker-Hebborn and Daniel Sanchez O’Brien were equally skilful in their presentation.

Scarlett took to the stage first to discuss conspiracy theories, and led us to consider how the assassination of JFK may have been an internal plot. She showed the power of half-truths and manipulation of facts, and led us to consider how we become critical listeners in a time of ‘fake news’. Vivian then powerfully tried to persuade us all to become organ donors. She gave an impassioned plea to the audience by using tragic examples of youngsters who had become the saviours of many through their organ donations. Both girls had worked very hard on their speeches and delivered them with aplomb.

As duos, Milly and Daniel, and Franky and Charlotte commanded the room in their respective roles showing great teamwork and camaraderie. Milly truly allowed her personality to be incorporated into her role as chairperson, with her sense of the dramatic and humorous one-liners maintaining the attention of the audience throughout. 

Franky led her team slickly and neatly summarised the opposition’s speech. Charlotte’s adroitness in her questioning displayed to judges and audience alike that her understanding of the topic was incisive and accurate. And Daniel, who stepped into the role last minute, gave a very accomplished performance as questioner.

Despite not taking home first prize, I am very proud of both these teams, and look forward to seeing them compete again in the future!

Miss E McLaren
Roberts Society Co-ordinator