ESU-Churchill Public Speaking - Regional Final

Monday 8 March 2021 was a thrilling evening for Elle F, Ruby R and Niamh W as they represented Felsted at the Regional Final for the ESU-Churchill Public Speaking Competition.

Seeing such great success in the heat, the team have been preparing very well with Miss McLaren in their respective roles in order to do their best at the competition. They truly delivered!

Elle F’s speech on ‘History repeats itself, the first time as tragedy, the second as farce’, a quote by Karl Marx, was brilliantly presented, with Elle balancing some quick wit with elegant pacing and thought-provoking content. Similar outstanding performances were held by the duo of Ruby and Niamh; the pair showed such charisma and control in their roles as Chairperson and Questioner. 

Holding the audience in the palm of her hand, Ruby truly set a positive tone for the evening, introducing and concluding the presentation with maturity and class. A special congratulations to Niamh W, who was awarded Best Questioner of the evening! Her dialogue with the speaker demonstrated genuine interest in the content, and drove the discussion into many creative and fascinating directions.

The team has represented Felsted very well, and we are proud of their achievements in this competition. We look forward to having them, and all other students wanting to get involved in Public Speaking, in other competitions in the future.