English Speaking Board - Entry Level Award in Speech

English Speaking Board (International) Ltd. (ESB) is a national awarding organisation offering qualifications focused on communication skills. The qualifications are recognised by OFQUAL and are mapped to the relevant National Curriculum requirements.

All our Felstedians participate in the ESB exam in Year 4 and in Year 6. Further information can be found here: www. esbuk.org/home/about-esb.  

The qualification builds the childrens’ confidence and helps them to use their voice effectively. It is always a very positive experience for those who take part and the children were rewarded with fantastic results again this year. 13 children were awarded a Merit, 36 a Merit Plus and 10 a Distinction for their efforts. 

Please see the videos below

As part of the qualification, the children had to:

  • Plan and give a 3-minute talk on a subject of their choice.
  • Introduce and recite a short poem from memory.
  • Identify and talk about a character from a book.
  • Read aloud a chosen passage from that book of around 100-150 words.
  • Listen attentively and respond to questions clearly.
  • Ask questions and make comments based on the work of others.

From ballet to WWF wrestling, and art to climate change, the choice of topics is always varied, as are the poem choices and favourite childhood books. The children will take ESB Level 1 Award in Speech (Grade 1) in Year 6, building on the skills learnt in this experience.

Jemima Barratt performed so well in her Year 6 assessment that she was nominated by her ESB assessor for the first round of 2019 Young Speaker of the Year.