Economics Update - Balance of Payments & Falling Interest Rates

In Economics, Year 13 pupils have been learning all about the Balance of Payments, a country's record of trade with the rest of the world. Pupils have spent time examining the UK’s surplus in services and large deficit in trade in goods with the rest of the world. In doing so, pupils have looked at the implications for the UK economy as well as what the Government can do to improve its trade deficit. 

This has led to great discussions on the North South divide and of course BREXIT! Pupils have also looked at the trade deficit of the USA and how Trump’s Tariffs will not make “America Great Again" as well as how Germany’s trade surplus is potentially very “toxic” for the EU and the global economy. 

Year 12 pupils have been studying the impact of falling interest rates across the world. Central Banks across the world have cut interest rates to record lows in order to try and encourage consumers and businesses to borrow and spend. This is all in response to the economic fallout of the Covid-19 Crises which has had a devastating impact on the global economy. This has led to interesting discussions on the possibility of negative interest rates. 

Congratulations to our Economics Pupil of the week. 

Year 13 pupil Emilia received the award for her excellent work completed in her Internal Assessment on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on unemployment.  

Emilia is now the proud owner of her very own Economics Cup. 



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