DT students show their Creative Flair

Felsted's Year 11 students following the DT pre-A Level course completed a design challenge to show off their abilities with the CAD package Onshape.

A task which involved all students working together collaboratively and using communications over the internet resulted in a stylish design for a chess set with each student taking responsibility for a different chess piece.

Once put together on a chess board, this modern way of working shows what can be achieved in a short space of time using methods that professional designers use on a daily basis. Tom S and Maddie G saw a successful conclusion to the exercise as Team Leader and Deputy Team Leader respectively.


In year 10, students have been finishing off a hanging mobile project which gave the opportunity to work towards a practical outcome whilst working from home. Meanwhile, Year 9 have been considering design movements and were then challenged with the design and manufacture of a picture frame using materials that they had access to at home. Some of the outcomes are excellent and demonstrate just how much imagination and creativity our students have.