Digital Learning Roundup 2020

By Mrs L Stefanini, Assistant Head (Academic)

Since March, Felsted’s teachers have rapidly moved through a process often described in the media as going from ‘crisis to sustainable’. I would argue that we now have in place a flourishing digital culture in which we are able to use the technology and resources to significantly enhance classroom based learning, without the loss of the best and most important elements of great teaching. As with any new approach or new opportunity, it has been important to discern the features that are actually helpful, and conducive to learning, and distinguish this from instances where digital resources can be a distraction, or at best entertaining, rather than doing the heavy lifting of supporting pupil progress.

The digital culture at Felsted has grown with teachers continually developing new strategies and resources, mindful of the fundamental principles of learning, such as the need for accurate assessment, action-focused feedback and retrieval of prior learning. The Digital Learning Roundup captures some of this excellent work and encourages continued thinking about the best ways to deliver excellence in the classroom for all. We thought that parents might be keen to see a variety of approaches from across the curriculum, and to see the thinking that goes into planning and delivering the best possible learning opportunities for Felsted pupils.

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