Cromwell Lecture - ‘The Incredible Teenage Brain’

by Rebecca Grymonprez, Yr 12

On Tuesday 28 January 2020, both parents and pupils had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding on the teenage brain when Dr Bettina Hohnen, a clinical psychologist, presented a Cromwell Lecture at Felsted School

Dr. Hohnen recently published her book ‘The Incredible Teenage Brain’ which offers a practical guide for any parents with children between the ages of 13 - 18, I would highly recommend giving it a read! The lecture gave a clearer understanding to the complexities of the teenage thought processes, explaining from a scientific point of view how these years are a pivotal point in the development of the brain. For example, the brain is constantly developing until you reach 25 years of age and it is environmental factors which will affect the way you mature.

A Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan can be used to detect which parts of the brain ‘light up’ during an event and so from research that has been conducted it has been concluded that the central part is the thought process and the lower part recognises pain and emotion. This enables scientists to see how the teenage brain can differ in responses to children and adults. The lecturer also gave advice on tried and tested strategies to aid adolescents as they develop, learn and grow. 


On behalf of all those who attended, I would like to thank Bettina Hohnen for taking the time to deliver this very informative lecture.  

Copies of the book 'The Incredible Teenage Brain' are still available for just £12.00 until Friday 7 February. Please contact if you would like to purchase a copy.

Felsted Library