Celebrating European Day of Languages

“Learning a new language has the power to transform a life, as well as break down the barriers that seem to be re-emerging between nations, cultures and people.” Ian Gilbert in his foreword to Crista Hazell’s Independent Thinking on MFL (2020)

Sunday 26 September marked the European day of Languages, a day whose aim is to promote Europe’s rich linguistic diversity and highlight the importance of lifelong language learning for everyone. 

All this week our pupils have enjoyed quizzes in their Language lessons, testing their knowledge of flags, global greetings, idioms, continents and more. Meanwhile all tutor groups have been invited to take part in a competition answering questions on world languages, capital cities and the commonwealth, without the use of google! If you missed out on the chance, you can find a copy here

We enjoy broad linguistic diversity at Felsted and we want our pupils to be proud to celebrate their family heritage and culture. In our Multilinguals class this year, pupils are working towards qualifications in Turkish, Chinese, German, Russian, Spanish and French, all languages which they speak at home and want to be able to showcase on their CV, while enquiries about some of our smaller languages, such as Italian, are on the increase and uptake of our Mandarin offer continues to grow.