CCF RSM Annual Camp

On 26 June the CCF had an early start to leave for Beckingham Training Camp. After a long coach journey everyone was in the unknown yet excited ready for the adventure ahead.

On arrival at Beckingham cadets had a quick brief and some lunch, before being shipped out into the field for the 24 hour exercise. This consisted of a variety of activities, starting the day off with paintballing, weapon handling drills, radio challenges, an introduction to section attacks, and patrolling skills to help the new cadets get ready for the next day’s assault on the enemy position.

With all the activities completed there was then a short yomp to the harbour area to set up camp using a triangular formation and sleeping in bashas (under a tarpaulin). 


Felsted pupils in rowing boats at CCF Annual Camp

With sentry duty rotating through the night, the cadets had little sleep but, despite this, they had to be ready for a full day in the field. They started with a shooting lane with different targets; using paintball guns to defeat the enemy. Next they had section attacks and patrolling where they had to keep their eyes peeled at all times to make sure they saw the enemy first. After all these activities were completed and the enemy being successfully defeated , they could make their way back to camp to get some dinner and a well earned rest (after weapon cleaning). 

The next day saw another early start: 06:30 ready for breakfast and an exciting day ahead. The junior cadets shot the cadet rifle at 100m, with all cadets achieving their shooting award and many achieving 1st class and Marksman awards.  The senior cadets had the opportunity to take part in an advanced shoot, shooting from different positions such as, kneeling, standing supported and prine.  They shot a total of 60 live rounds at 100 and 200 metres. This was definitely the highlight of the trip for many. After the ranges they spent the rest of the day clay pigeon shooting, air rifle shooting and were given an introduction to military parachuting and to a range of military weapon systems from AK-47 to RPGs. This was a very interesting and exciting part of the day. 

The final day saw the cadets conducting adventure training at King’s Mill reservoir. The day was packed full of high rope activities such as the jacobs ladder and the confidence jumps both exhilarating. They also had the opportunity to kayak and canoe out on the reservoir.  They had lots of fun, mostly in the water rather than on the canoes, and the cadets had great fun hunting down and dunking Lt McLaren, Lt Andrews, and Maj Palmer!


Ben H comments; "Overall the camp was great fun and jam-packed full of activities, with the younger cadets being particularly impressive and learning a lot in a short period of time. As the first annual camp in three years (after the covid break) I think it was very successful and I am already looking forward to next year."

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