CCF Annual Range Day 2022

by Max R, Yr 13

On Thursday 10 March, the CCF set off for the annual range day. Having departed early at 07:30, we arrived at the Thetford ranges. This was a great opportunity for the new recruits and also the current Yr 11 cadets as for both groups this was their first opportunity to fire the cadet GP rifles, due to last year's range day sadly being cancelled due to the pandemic.


After a safety briefing the cadets split into their sections and began the rotation of stands for the day. These stands allowed the cadets to develop a number of different skills including first aid, air rifle firing, archery, laser tag, soft archery, command type tasks and the main event, firing live ammunition on the range. 

On the range, each cadet had the opportunity to fire 30 rounds of ammunition at targets ranging from 100m to 300m. Some cadets were very impressive and managed to hit 30/30 shots and some even hit more than 30 due to some cross lane firing! 

I believe I speak for everyone when I say it was a very enjoyable day, lots of fun stands, live shooting and the weather couldn't have been better. On behalf of myself and the CCF cadets, we would like to thank all the staff who made this range day possible. It was great fun and we all learnt a lot.

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