'Best Kept Rooms' Boarding Awards

The first ever House Room Competition took place, with prizes of vouchers to spend on the houses up for grabs. Congratulations to the winning entries!


Boys - 

1st place: Elwyn's - Hugh S - the best wardrobe we had ever seen!  Very organised, some lighting, a bit minimalist, but a room to show on any tour.
2nd place: Mont's - Ben H - a smart room, with some personalisation, good sofa.
3rd place: Windsor's - George C - good use of lighting, and well organised.


Girls - 

1st place: Thorne - Hannah and Louise - a very impressive room, personalised, well kept, lighting and greenery, very good indeed.
2nd place: Manor Year 10 - so tidy, so beautifully kept considering there are 9 in there, and no weak links, well decorated, use of plants.
3rd place: Stocks's - Megan R - wonderfully tidy, lots of personalisation, very good room.



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