BBC Young Reporters - Doctors on the Frontline

Our team of BBC Young Reporters have set out to tell the stories that matter to them this term. The Young Reporters have developed their collaboration and communication skills to carry out numerous online and phone interviews to find the answers to their questions about the impact of Covid in different areas of life. Their stories focus on what is important today both at Felsted and in the wider world. Here is the final report this term. We hope you have enjoyed reading them.


Doctors on the front line - Dr Jagjit and Dr Pritpal Takhar

What do you enjoy about being a doctor ?  

Dr Jagjit Takhar and Dr Pritpal Takhar enjoy seeing patients of all ages. They never have a boring day because they never know what's around the corner. They also enjoy training doctors and treating patients.  

What has it been like to work at the hospital during the pandemic? 

It is difficult to be in the hospital because of the rules, masks and wearing gowns. 

Has it been difficult to get supplies ? 

Yes it was difficult to get supplies at the start and people have helped us to get masks. People have also made scrubs for us too; it is much easier to get protective equipment now. 

Will there be a vaccine and do you think there will be a third peak?

Yes there might be a third peak but there has not been enough testing. We are always seeing ups and downs in cases of coronavirus. There also will be a vaccine soon. In this country we take vaccines really seriously and it will have been tested several times so it is safe to use. 

What hospital do you work in ?

Herts and Essex Parsonage surgery. 

Did you do anything in hospitals to help train ?

Yes Dr Prit went to Kenya for 3 months and learnt how to do brain surgery . 

You have been a doctor more than 18 years working in many different settings. The job must have changed a lot over the years so what is it like to be a GP today ? 

I think being a GP today is very busy and we are now doing so much more than we have ever done before. We are managing some very complicated but interesting patients. It is very rewarding to be able to see patients and their families from when they are born through to old age.

When did you finish training to be a doctor and was it hard? 

Dr Prit and Dr Jagjit both became doctors at the same time. They finished training at the age of 24 and it was very hard to become a doctor. Depending on what you are doing it is still challenging but it is very fascinating.

Why did you want to be a doctor and do you regret it ? 

Dr Jagjit has always wanted to help people, that's why he became a doctor.

Dr Prit wanted to be a doctor because she was fascinated by the body and by different parts and how they function.