BBC Essex Interview with Felsted Prep Scientists

Anna White, Ava Readman and Freya Perry (Yr 8) were interviewed by Ben and Sonia for the BBC Essex radio breakfast show about their award winning 'Sanitary Shark' project.

Their invention aims to remove waste product from the ocean, helping to clean up pollutants whilst preserving marine life. From this, the four girls (including Grace Boroughs who was absent on the day of interview) have also been working with eco-hygiene company Grace and Green to help raise awareness of the hidden plastics in sanitary products. They discovered that in some cases, a single sanitary towel contains the same amount of plastic as four plastic bags, and the average woman is estimated to use, and throw away, in excess of 10,000 sanitary products in her menstrual lifetime.They have written to supermarkets, the government and even Greta Thunberg about their research and are hoping to increase the number of plastic free sanitary products available on the high street. 

The girls won the East Regional Sustainability prize at the Big Bang East Fair, qualifying them for the Big Bang National Finals in March. This is the second time the girls will attend the Big Bang Fair with this project, after they were shortlisted in the Talent 2030 Engineering Competition for girls last year, going on to win the ‘on the day’ prize. 

Listen here:

Science at Felsted