Autumn Term Creative Curriculum Adventures in Stewart House

Reception have had a very successful start to the term as they become familiar with Stewart House routines and the environment. Lessons focus on the phonic sound introduced that week such as 'p’ and ‘i’, using the story of 'Pig in a pond' and the rhyme Incy wincy spider and the sounds ‘n’ and ‘m' through the stories of ‘Nine ducks nine’ and ‘Monkey and me.’ The children are encouraged to feel safe and confident in their classroom by beginning to select equipment independently and to work in small groups to build friendships with their peers.

Year 1 launched their topic 'Superheroes' with a dressing up day. This saw a vast array of both fictional and real life Superheroes in school. The children took part in a drama workshop based on the book ‘Superworm’ by Julia Donaldson where they got to grips with creating Freeze Frames and using slow motion mime. Later in the term the children were able to meet a real life Superhero! Clues were shown to the children to ignite their curiosity about who this could be? A lamp, medals, an old photo of a soldier and a bandage. It was Florence Nightingale. The children then had the opportunity to come up with questions they would like to ask her and eventually to meet and talk to her in person! The children’s questions were brilliant and allowed them to find out lots about Florence and the brilliant work she did in hospitals that still continues today. 

Year 2 have been making wonderful progress recently in their English classes, launching their topic ‘Amazing Africa’ and working on their two-week project of the book ‘Pumpkin Soup Cafe’. After learning how to add adjectives and adverbs to make sentences interesting for the reader, the children went on to write their own fantastic stories inspired by Africa and the Masai people! They carefully considered their choices of verbs, and used complete sentences with full stops and capital letters.

As Harvest approached, Year 2 also discussed the importance of sharing, recognising other people’s skills, turn-taking and being a good friend. After the teachers took on the roles of the characters in the book by Helen Cooper for question time, the children planned their own Pumpkin Soup Cafe! They created invitations, posters and instructions, all including persuasive language, and then made their own croutons to be sprinkled on the finished soup that was served!

Reception - Year 2