Andrew Society Projects

by Annalise S and Zara D

Every year, members of Andrew Society are split into subject groups to spend the last few weeks of the summer term working on independent projects. As the newly-formed Linguistics group, we decided to create a magazine: “Kultur, the Linguistics magazine”. We wanted our project to be informative as well as colourful and creative and so we thought a magazine would be the best way of achieving both the volume of content we wanted to include as well as being creative with design. By selecting a magazine we were able to print it as well as make it digitally accessible by using Canva. Through Kultur, we were able to include articles and sections which discussed culture and linguistics together.  

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Some of the key articles that we chose to include in our first edition ranged from international literature recommendations, an article on the highly debated Sapir-Whorf hypothesis on the influence of language on culture and identity, global fashion, and interactive aspects such as linguistics puzzles and a personality quiz. Our articles were inspired by research and our personal interests designed to both inform others and widen our own knowledge in preparation for university. 

We both really enjoyed working together to create the magazine, scheduling frequent slots dedicated to the project. We are also currently working on the second issue, which has a clearer theme; world issues. In this issue, we are hoping to cover the effect language has on veganism, ideas and vocabulary surrounding feminism (including analysis and evaluation of Suzette Haden Elgin’s novel “Native Tongue”) and a discussion on whether we should still be able to appreciate Russian literature and culture, despite the current conflict. 

Overall we are extremely grateful for the opportunity provided by Andrew Society to pursue this project and we highly recommend applying to become a member of the society. It has widened our knowledge and we thoroughly enjoy our weekly discussions.