Amrit Shortlisted for Engineering Final

Year 7 Amrit has been shortlisted for the South East England Finals of the Young Engineers Competition answering the question 'If you were an engineer, what would you do?'' She describes her project, the 'injecto-plaster' below-

Both of my parents are doctors and for some time, I have been thinking about how to avoid injections! After remembering how I felt having injections, I came up with the idea of the ‘injecto-plaster’. I  don't like injections and it also takes valuable time for medical professionals to do the injections so my invention benefits both doctors and nurses and their patients. 

My idea was based around the fact that people are not scared of plasters, so what if the medicine was in the plaster and the plaster could be put on the skin? This would allow the medicine to be absorbed by the body slowly in a few minutes. 

The plaster would also change colour, to indicate when all of the medicine had been absorbed. I decided a colour change from red to green would be the simplest and the plaster could be taken off and put straight into the bin when green. 

Another very important consideration was that I wanted the plaster to be environmentally friendly and its design would allow it to biodegrade harmlessly when thrown away. 

I really hope to be able to make these plasters a reality one day!