A Jurassic Experience for Year 1

Stewart House was taken back in time to the prehistoric era on Tuesday when Year 1 were visited by Jam and The Teach Rex team. 

The children were entranced by the visiting dinosaur whose sheer size helped them imagine what the dimensions of a real dinosaur might be. The Teach Rex team communicated facts about the Tyrannosaurus Rex and gave the children a truly interactive dinosaur experience. 

The children were then invited to participate in a workshop where they were introduced to using verbs, adjectives and similes to describe dinosaurs. This was followed by the opportunity to imagine they were being chased by a dinosaur using a green screen and film editing technology. The final stage of the day allowed the children to put all their learning together using ICT. 

The Teach Rex team introduced an app where the children could edit pictures and develop their descriptive vocabulary. An amazing start to our dinosaur topic. 

This week in English the children have also written fabulous descriptions of a jungle and have begun to write an adventure story about being chased by an enormous Tyrannosaurus Rex. 

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