Felsted MUN 2023

Our annual MUN conference this year will take place on 26 - 27 February 2023 with the theme: Committing to Global Food Security. Never has attention to such a theme been so urgent as access to food is becoming increasingly precarious with those already in need, made even more vulnerable.  

Our topics this year can be found via the link below.

We are excited to be introducing two smaller committees that might be better suited to our more inexperienced delegates, namely UNICEF and The International Space Station Programme.  

Thank you to those who have expressed interest in participating in the conference. Please use the form to register your place below. 

Catriona James
Director of MUN at Felsted School
Email: cmj@felsted.org


MUN Schedule

Sunday 26 February

9:30 - 10:30 Open for arrival and Registration Lord Riche Hall Foyer
10:45 Opening Ceremony Grignon Hall
11:15 MUN Committees: Fast-Track Resolutions
Human Rights Committee Grignon Hall
Economic and Social Committee BKA
Ecology and Environment Committee Sixth Form Centre
Health Committee The Big Space (Marshall Centre)
Security Council Ruggles-Brise
Historic Security Council Macrae
UNOOSA Lendrum (Marshall Centre)
UNICEF Brown (Marshall Centre)
12:30 Informal Lobbying in Committee Rooms  
12:30 Lunch for Advisers Common Room Dining Room
13:00 Lunch for Delegates Lord Riche Hall
14:00 MUN Committees: Fast-Track/Merged/Lobbied Resolutions Venues as above
  Staggered breaks at Chairs’ discretion  
16:00 - 16:45 Felsted MUN Reception Lord Riche Hall
All are welcome for drinks, nibbles & mingling!  

Monday 27 February

9:00 - 9:30 Open for arrival  
09:30 Joint Committees - ad hoc debate  
Human Rights & Health & UNICEF Grignon Hall
Economic and Social & Ecology and Environment & UNOOSA BKA
Security Council Ruggles-Brise
Historic Security Council Macrae
10.55 Break Lord Riche Hall
11.15 Joint Committees - ad hoc debate  
Health, Ecology and Environment & UNICEF Grignon Hall
Security Council Ruggles Brise
Historic Security Council Macrae
12.30 Guest Speaker: Rob Saggs Grignon Hall
Followed by : Introduction of emergency debate.  
13:20 Lunch for Delegates and Advisers Lord Riche Hall
13.2 MUN Chairs Working Lunch Ruggles-Brise
14:20 General Assembly: Emergency Debate for all delegates Grignon Hall
15:30 Closing Ceremony Grignon Hall
16:00 Felsted Model United Nations Ends  

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