Felsted MUN 2023

Felsted MUN 2023

How to continue to provide enough food to feed the world was the key topic for discussion when senior school pupils from across East Anglia took part in their own version of a high-level United Nations conference recently.

The two-day Model United Nations conference for over 300 students and staff from 16 schools across the region, including Felsted Prep, was hosted by Felsted School in north Essex and gave young people aged 11 to 18 the opportunity to take on the roles of international diplomats, representing countries around the world to discuss the most important global issues. Students practised their skills of debating, communication and strategic thinking to voice their nominated nation’s opinions and suggest solutions to bring about positive change. 

Under the theme of ‘Committing to Global Food Security’, student delegates’ discussions were wide-ranging and encompassed debates on the need for global co-operation to prevent future pandemics, how countries could ensure the right to protest, regulating crypto-currencies and the promotion of technology sharing to facilitate future projects in space.

‘Felsted’s annual Model United Nations is a unique chance for pupils to consider very deeply the real-world issues of the day and develop an understanding of the international co-operation needed to make a difference,’ said Catriona James, Director of MUN at Felsted School. 


Debates were held in various school buildings across the Felsted campus, and delegates were allocated to committees, mirroring real-world UN organisations including the Security Council, Historic Security Council, UNICEF and UNOOSA. At the conclusion of the conference one student from each committee was ‘highly commended’ and two or more ‘commended’ for their contributions. 

Felsted student, Zach O’D in Year 8, was ‘commended’ by the Human Rights Committee Chairs for his participation in debates during the course of the conference and spoke enthusiastically about his experiences at the event; “There is nothing like MUN. It is really fun to spend time with your friends and to socialise with other schools while sharing your thoughts and ideas about current affairs. I enjoyed how the delegates got into the character of the countries they were representing, suggesting different ways to protect human rights. I hope to take part in the MUN again in Year 9”.


The conference’s guest speaker was Rob Saggs, chief executive officer of local charity CHESS, who gave a presentation on the growing number of homeless people and the pressures on charities as a result of the cost of living crisis and Brexit. Rob emphasised that every individual can make a difference, whether through volunteering their time or fundraising. Over the course of the conference, £434 was raised for CHESS through the sale of MUN t-shirts and snacks.

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