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Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Respect for others is key to Felsted's culture and the school is committed to recognising and removing any barriers to individuals’ participation on the grounds of disability (including unseen), race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, neurodiversity and socio-economic status, or any other characteristic. 

As a school we continue to develop inclusion and respect for diversity as a strong culture, underpinning all we do. This includes:

  • The establishment of a pupil-led EDI committee
  • Talks for sixth formers on topics including ‘Everyone’s Invited’, ‘Everyday Sexism’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’
  • Chapel services emphasising the importance of EDI to all pupils
  • Rainbow Laces initiatives at the school encourage inclusion through sport
  • Talks and INSET training for staff, raising awareness of EDI in all aspects of academic teaching and the school culture as a whole
  • Information communication via school newsletters to families on topics such as racially appropriate language to ensure the principles are continued at home

We were impressed by the ways topics such as diversity and inclusion as well as sustainability were woven right through the school and not just stand-alone programmes or initiatives

Gwen Byrom, TES Awards

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We recognise that there is always more we can do, but we have taken many other positive steps to improving the EDI culture within the school community, including:

  • Cultural recognition without appropriation: for example, religious days and festivals are acknowledged in the school calendar and during the school day, and meals are internationally diverse as a matter of course rather than ‘celebrating’ national days or cultures and diets are catered for without remark
  • Pupils and staff are provided with the facilities to practise their faith, such as spaces for prayer, and providing food after sundown at Ramadan - the school remains a Christian foundation, but we welcome, recognise and support members of our community who are of other faiths 
  • ‘Think Equal’ strategy in the Pre-Prep to lay the foundations in lessons at an early stage
  • Teaching materials, example scenarios, language, classroom displays etc must be inclusive (EDI is on every agenda at Departmental and House meetings)
  • Prep pupils learn British Sign Language
  • Anonymised application forms for teaching roles in order to minimise unconscious bias in the short listing process
  • Events for pupils and staff designed to integrate and welcome all individuals 
  • Communications with families now start ‘Dear Felsted Families’ rather than ‘Dear Parents’
  • Ethnicity monitoring to collect data for analysis over time
  • Survey of senior pupils to monitor their opinions on inclusivity in the school culture
  • School trip planning must consider how pupils with protected characteristics will be supported and encouraged, and assess range and costs to support pupils in receipt of bursaries
  • Head Boy and Head Girl renamed Heads of School 
  • No specific uniform requirements based on gender

...a forward-thinking place that welcomes different perspectives and is committed to embracing even more.
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