Global Studies Symposium - April 2021

The first ever Felsted Global Studies Symposium took place between 6 - 11 April 2021.
During this time, 1,021 students from 17 countries took part in a programme that consisted of live subject lessons, online community building, performing arts, keynote speakers and a virtual excursion.

This all happened within the context of Global Studies and some of the major issues that are impacting political and social causes around the world today.


During the Symposium, students were encouraged to choose between two live lessons each day. These lessons were complimented by online resource material that ranged from articles and videos to deep-dive research. All of the lessons were taught by Daniel Emmerson, Director of Global Education at Felsted School, and Kirsty Fraser, who is the Summer School Academic Manager at Felsted. The focus of Daniel’s lessons was geared towards Political and Social Science, with a grounding in International Relations theory, while Kirsty spent time focussing on language and the presentation of arguments within subjects of a global nature.

The students who took part in the Symposium proved to be highly motivated, determined to learn and eager to make a difference. Whether they were exploring issues of homophobia and anti-feminism, to considering their approach to debate language, our students remained respectful of each other and open to discussing different viewpoints. They spent time working through complex discussions in the online Symposium forum, contributing to break out group sessions and presenting their findings to classes with a considerable number of participants.

Following each lesson, our students were able to engage with industry professionals who gave keynote speeches on their own areas of expertise. The keynotes ranged from Sally Little, Director of ING Bank’s Fund Finance Team, to Thomas Sparrow-Botero, an international journalist currently reporting for Deutsche Welle.  Students were able to learn a great deal about how global competencies might be used to develop their own careers in a range of different industries. They also learned about how one might go about approaching large organisations such as The United Nations, when Neil Wilcock and Billy Batware gave their presentation live from the UN HQ in Vienna. 



Online Course Quote 6

The course had some of the best teachers I have ever encountered. I'm so lucky to be their student for the third time. They put so much effort into this symposium and everything was amazing. I'm so grateful for them.

Global Studies Symposium, April 2021 

Online Course Quote 5

Apart from being interactive, fun and helpful, the course introduced me to a lot of areas in global studies in a deeply engaging way. The various activities introduced as part of the symposium were especially interesting!

Global Studies Symposium, April 2021 

Online Course Quote 4

Daniel and Kirsty were two of the most brilliant and respectful teachers I have ever been taught by. They made the lessons seem like a completely safe place to share your opinion, because it was always taken into consideration and appreciated. The teachers taught in an inspiring way and were able to transmit their passion to students.

Global Studies Symposium, April 2021 

Online Course Quote 3

The teachers were very “up-to-date” in issues regarding people of our age, trends, and interests, and I think that makes it really easy to connect with them, and make lessons so appealing. They were also very warm and enthusiastic.

Global Studies Symposium, April 2021 

Online Course Quote 2

Everything was amazing. I enjoyed and learned so much in this global studies symposium.

Global Studies Symposium, April 2021 

Online Course Quote 1

In just five days, I have learnt a huge amount, explored so many different perspectives and completely changed the way I see the world. I will be forever grateful.

Global Studies Symposium, April 2021

Even though the Symposium only lasted for six days in total, it provided a huge range of opportunities for our students to collaborate, make friends and share knowledge. In addition to the work that was conducted during the live lessons and keynotes, Daniel and Kirsty took the students on a virtual excursion to Cambridge, while they also took part in the wonderfully successful Performing Arts Module. 

Daniel and Kirsty remain excited by what can be achieved in an online setting. They are truly looking forward to the next online opportunity that will be offered to students around the world and they hope that their work will continue to make a difference. As always, it is the students who create that feeling of inspiration, not only through their contributions and dedication, but also through their creativity, such as finding new ways within the symposium to raise money for charity, in this case Save the Children. We look forward to our next online experience and finding new ways to engage an increasingly connected global community.

Meet the Keynote Speakers