Global Studies December 2020

A total of 84 students from 13 different countries enrolled in Felsted's December online courses in Global Studies and English as an Additional Language (EAL).

All lessons featured pre-recorded video, academic research, contemporary articles and other audio visual multimedia. Each lesson lasted 1.5 hours and we ran two lessons per day for 5 days. We also hosted a virtual excursion to London, where we visited Christmas markets and saw the festive lights of the capital. 

Subjects Covered: Narcotics and Pharmaceuticals as Global Industries • Slavery in the Year 2020 • Systemic Racism: Why what we do next matters most • Art, Social Media and The Revolution • Artificial Intelligence: Closing the biological gap between Humans and Machines.

It was incredible to experience the enthusiasm that our students displayed for tackling such difficult and complicated subjects within global studies. We were so fortunate to have students from a range of backgrounds from all over the world, who showed respect and diligence in handling alternate worldviews with the aim of learning more about how political and social acts can be interpreted differently. This was our third intensive online course and I am delighted to report that it was one of our best yet!

"I enjoyed the course very much. It was fun and eye-opening ; enabling me to understand more about my surroundings both nationally and internationally. In addition to this, it was nice to meet new people and reunite with those I've met before "

"I had a great experience!! I really loved the different, interesting and modern themes. I also appreciated listening to other opinions and points of view from people of other countries."

This is my second encounter with the Felsted courses. I absolutely love them because they're so informative, interesting and impactful. I've had a great time discussing and exchanging views with people from all over the globe. It's especially interesting when taking into consideration that we all come from wildly different backgrounds and have different experiences and perspectives with regard to the same topic/issue.

Loved it! I believe running the course was a great idea and it allowed me to learn a lot about other countries through students telling personal stories. The resources provided were also very relevant to the live sessions. Thank you to Daniel for the five days. Had a blast!!!


Global interaction with students from around the world


Choice of English Language (Intermediate) or Global Studies


A mix of recorded and interactive lessons for flexibility of time zones

Operated by qualified Felsted School staff in a safe, secure online environment