Online Courses

Felsted Online offers the opportunity to take part in a range of short courses throughout the year.

Following a hugely successful Online International Summer School in July and a very well attended programmes in August and December 2020, we will be hosting a Global Studies Symposium in April 2021.

Read more about our online courses below, including feedback from some of our students. 

Global Studies Symposium - Easter 2021

Our first ever Symposium will once again allow for participation from a global audience as we continue to develop cross-cultural ties and appreciate alternate views. Throughout the course of our workshops, we will provide an academic backdrop for our discussions along with resources and materials that will act as a platform for discussion.


Global Studies December 2020

A total of 84 students from 13 different countries enrolled in Felsted's December online courses in Global Studies and English as an Additional Language (EAL). All lessons featured pre-recorded video, academic research, contemporary articles and other audio visual multimedia


Felsted Online Summer 2020

Working with our parents from over 40 countries around the world, the Felsted Team were able to provide both a Global Studies and English Language online course for over 670 students.