Leave a Legacy

Legacies have formed the foundation of many of our finest educational institutions. Felsted is no exception. Down the centuries, Felsted and individual Felstedians have benefitted from the generous support of many benefactors, dating right back to Sir Richard Riche’s gift of 1564.

By remembering the school in your will, you can help us invest in the lives of future generations of young people, many of whom might not be able to access all that Felsted can offer without financial assistance. 

Legacies also help us to preserve and enhance our stunning campus, and refresh and develop our facilities for a fast-changing world. 

Our newest building, The Marshall Centre, provides opportunities for collaborative teaching and learning with 10 new classrooms, informal and flexible social learning space, individual study pods, and an art gallery reception area. 

This impressive new facility was made possible thanks to the significant legacy of Derek Marshall (c 1943-47). He was an accountant, entrepreneur and shrewd investor.  Amongst his treasured possessions he kept his school blazer, cricket cap, hockey stick and a set of darts given to him by the Windsor’s junior dormitory for his birthday. 

The Centre is named in his honour.

Reduce tax, so loved ones can get the most out of their inheritance

Because Felsted is a registered charity (no: 310870), any gift to the school would be tax-free, and could also reduce the amount of inheritance tax that the rest of your estate will pay. If you give at least 10% of your taxable estate to charity, the inheritance tax rate for the rest of your estate drops from 40% to 36%. 

This means that:

  • Every £100 you give to charity only ‘costs’ your estate £24

  • If you already plan to give at least 4% of your estate to charity, increasing the gift to 10% means that both the charity and your taxable beneficiaries receive more.

Types of Legacy

There are a number of common forms of legacy. We strongly suggest you take advice to decide which best fits your circumstances.

  • Pecuniary - A specific sum of money (or other asset) which is often index-linked to protect its real value over time.
  • Residuary - A specific share of an estate, usually stating a percentage or a fraction of the whole.
  • Reversionary - Providing for loved ones during their lifetime, giving them use of all assets which would only be passed on after their death.
  • Specific - Non-cash bequests, such as stocks and shares, works of art or other possessions. 


The 1564 Society

Although your legacy provision is a personal matter, letting us know that you have remembered Felsted in your will enables us to thank you and recognise your support in your lifetime. 

You will automatically be welcomed into the 1564 Society.  The Society meets annually for a reception and luncheon with a speaker or an event to follow. It is a lovely occasion for meeting up with contemporaries and other members of the Felsted community. 

Should you wish to remain anonymous, we would be delighted to keep you updated on the life of the school on an individual basis.

If you would like to discuss leaving a legacy to Felsted, please contact:
development@felsted.org +44 (0)1371 822 649


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