Leavers' Walkway

The Leavers’ Walkway provides a unique opportunity to leave a permanent reminder of your connection with Felsted.

Thanks to the generosity of parents, staff and Old Felstedians, we have created the Bathurst Garden as a social hub for the Felsted School community. 

At the heart of the garden is the Leavers’ Walkway, a paved pathway displaying names celebrating former pupils’ time at Felsted.

How can you help?

As your son or daughter is nearing the end of their time at Felsted, the Leavers’ Walkway allows for a granite paving stone and a limited number of flagstones and benches to be engraved with their name or your family name. All proceeds will be directed to help create the new Marshall Centre for Learning and it is a wonderful way of marking your time at Felsted.

For further information, please contact: +44 (0) 1371 822544 or ofl@felsted.org.

Entrance Deposit

In addition to celebrating your family’s connection with Felsted within the Leavers’ Walkway, many families have also chosen to make a charitable donation of the remaining balance of their Entrance Deposit to Felsted School, Registered Charity No: 310870.

Leavers' Walkway Donation Options 



Felsted School is a Registered Charity Number: 310870 of which Felsted School Trustee ltd, a company registered in England and Wales Registration number 3548755, is the sole Trustee.


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