The Felsted Diploma

The Senior School Felsted Diploma Programme continues to grow and develop, encouraging students to cover a broad base of skills and activities whilst allowing them the flexibility to follow any special interests or talents.

Categories are based upon experiences and skills young people might be expected to have a grasp of as they apply to Universities, Post-18 training courses and employment opportunities. The Felsted Diploma helps students to explore their successes and experiences and challenge them to consider how they might transfer these skills to their future studies and careers. The result: a well-rounded individual who can articulate what they can offer a prospective employer.

Felsted aims to offer a diverse range of opportunities and continues to encourage students to tailor their co-curricular options to suit their own needs, skills and desires.

At all levels students are expected to engage with the following:

Academic Study & Independent Learning
Covers any aspect of academic life at school - can be general commentary on progress or a reflection on a specific event such as mock exams. 

Art, Music, Drama & Culture
Covers academic and co-curricular aspects; students may reflect on their time preparing and/or rehearsing for events; any student who is not part of an Arts & Cultures dept or event should aim to view and write about at least one event per term. 
Careers (Years 9, 10 & 11)
More Careers events/talks/lessons are being worked into the lower school programme; students should reflect on their experiences of these and any other steps they have taken to prepare themselves for further study and life beyond. 

Careers, Work Experience & Volunteering (Years 12 & 13)
As above but with additional focus on 1st hand career experience. 

Challenge & Skill
Any activity that students feel challenge them or offer an opportunity to develop a skill. There is now a Sports category on the Diploma so students should be steered away from making sports entries here. DofE, CCF, and the Mon/Fri activities are more likely to feature here. 

As in previous years, students should commit themselves to some aspect of the International life of the school. This could be through an event like MUN or the Round Square. 

Reading Challenge
Students can aim for Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum reading awards.

Leadership, Service & Environmentalism (Years 10, 11, 12 & 13)
Any activity that demonstrates the school ethos towards leadership and service; environmentalism has been added to reflect the Round Square principles. Any charity work/support may also feature here. 

Students have the opportunity to reflect on their sporting development throughout the year.

The Diploma at different stages