The Felsted Diploma

The Senior School Felsted Diploma Programme continues to grow and develop, encouraging students to cover a broad base of skills and activities whilst allowing them the flexibility to follow any special interests or talents.

Categories are based upon experiences and skills young people might be expected to have a grasp of as they apply to Universities, Post-18 training courses and employment opportunities. The Felsted Diploma helps students to explore their successes and experiences and challenge them to consider how they might transfer these skills to their future studies and careers. The result: a well-rounded individual who can articulate what they can offer a prospective employer.

Felsted aims to offer a diverse range of opportunities and continues to encourage students to tailor their co-curricular options to suit their own needs, skills and desires.

At all levels students are expected to engage with the following:

Independent Study: Allows students to build and develop research, study and presentation skills in their own way. Students are given increasing freedom to choose their areas of study and shape the reflective process.

Creativity/Leadership/Activity/Service: Allows students to tailor a programme that focuses on a mix of creative, leadership, action or service based activities. Students have the opportunities to develop their ability to operate in a non-classroom based environment and work alongside adults and their peers.

Specialism: Allows students to develop their talents in a specific area; we offer a number of scholarships and have a number of students who excel in Sport, the Creative Arts, Music and Design and the diploma programme allows them time to pursue and perfect these interests. The programme is also flexible enough to allow those with more unusual talents to pursue these areas.

Work and Life Skills: A varied programme that aims to develop students’ ability to think critically about the world around them, offering them insight into politics, international relations, business and more.

Reading Challenge: All students at Felsted are expected to read to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world around them. There are three levels of reading challenge designed to guide and challenge your reading skills or your reading choices.

Internationalism: A number of internationally focused projects, placements, events and activities are on offer to students; from Year 10 onward students are required to engage with Felsted's international programme.

Work Experience/Volunteering/Employment: In the Sixth Form students are encouraged to gain first-hand experience of a working environment whether through regular volunteering, a summer work experience placement or employment.

The Diploma at different stages

Year 9

The Year 9 programme introduces students to the concept of the Felsted Diploma; students complete fixed entries throughout the year with a focus on developing their reflective entries. Each entry relates to the central categories followed by all students but with a particular focus to help students navigate the Felsted Diploma in their first year.

  1. Study Habits - Lessons and Prep (Independent Study): Offers students a chance to reflect upon their first half term at Felsted and their approach to their studies.
  2. The Bury Project (Creativity/Leadership/Activity/Service): Year 9 students undertake the Bury Project each December; the project allows them to demonstrate their creativity in exploring a set theme such as ‘The 450th Anniversary’ or ‘The Environment’.
  3. Specialism: Students get the opportunity to reflect on a particular skill or activity that they wish to pursue throughout their Felsted career. This may be one of the main sports offered, CCF, an academic favourite - or whatever the individual wishes! For some, this entry gives them the chance to reflect on what they have done and explore their options for the future.
  4. Industry Day (Work and Life Skills): During Enrichment Week in the Summer Term, Year 9 get to visit a variety of local businesses to see what goes on in the day to day running of an office, factory or possibly a farm. Students can reflect on what skills and attributes are required for success in the world of work and think about how their next four years at Felsted can help them prepare for this.

Years 10 & 11

During their GCSE years, students complete entries in each of the four central categories (detailed above) but have the freedom to explore and develop their own interests and skills in doing so.

Additionally, students are expected to engage with Felsted’s many International opportunities.

Internationalism: A number of internationally focused projects, placements, events and activities are on offer to students; from Year 10 onward students are required to engage with Felsted's international Programme.

Sixth Form

Students in the Sixth Form have a busy time ahead of them with a large proportion of their time focused on academic achievements and, for the majority, University applications. Regular entries in the Felsted Diploma can assist with the preparation of Personal Statements but more importantly, they keep students focused on their aims and goals post-results and consider how they can transfer their experiences to University study and working life. To assist with this transition Sixth Form students are expected to complete a sixth category in their Diplomas.

Work Experience and/or Volunteering and/or Current Employment: Students are able to experience, first hand, the working environment and reflect upon their ability to meet basic expectations in the workplace. Additionally, students can experience working life in a particular field and reflect upon whether this area is one they wish to pursue.