Model United Nations

Felsted's MUN was founded in 2009 by Felsted students and teachers. Felsted MUN ensures our students leave school as informed global citizens, and is central to the international ethos that permeates all areas of Felsted life. We are proud to be regional, national and international leaders in running this project not only for our own students, but also for our 18 other MUN partner schools.

There are many benefits to taking part in Felsted MUN. Through doing so, you will no doubt learn a considerable amount about how the United Nations works when preparing for the conference, and will also research a range of global issues that may unfortunately continue to dominate the newspaper headlines throughout much of your adult lives. If you emerge from the MUN project as more informed and active global citizens than when you joined, then it will have been worthwhile.

At Felsted MUN, students consider constructive collaborative solutions to the world’s biggest problems. We hope that exploring the theory may inspire some of you to try to tackle these problems in practice when you leave school. Some of our conference themes have included; ‘Combating Poverty’, 'First Response to Natural Disasters’ and 'LGBT'.

But Felsted MUN is not just about global issues, nor just about the work of the United Nations. Throughout the project, you will be developing a range of extremely valuable soft skills that will stand you in very good stead throughout your adult life – leadership skills, social skills and public speaking skills, to name a few.

You will also be uniting with a diverse mix of students from schools in Essex, elsewhere in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Dubai. Whether you are from a State School or an Independent School, from a Round Square School or an IB World School, we are sure you will enjoy working together. In fact, we hope the friendships you make and the alliances you forge will last well beyond the end of this year’s Felsted MUN. Please keep in touch with each other, as together you can make a real difference.