Information and Communication Technology (ICT) education is a fundamental part of Felsted’s Academic Curriculum, beginning in Reception and taught through to GCSE and A Levels.

The purpose of ICT in education is to make students familiar with its use, how it works and how it can be used for research and presentation across all subjects. ICT at Felsted equips pupils for the world of work, where the majority of jobs require at least basic IT literacy.

Felsted champions the use of Google’s technology to enhance teaching and learning via Google Classroom. With specialist technicians on site to support teachers and students, and a ICT Centre based on the Senior School site, Felsted is well known nationally as a leader in ICT provision.

Felsted School shortlisted for Best use of technology award by independent school awards 2018

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I was heavily involved in the Felsted Computer Society, where we learnt the basics of computing and undertook several exciting projects. Felsted had an old mainframe computer, but by the time I left it had one of the first Ethernet networks and several of the first personal computers. This was more than a decade before PCs and networks became common so it was ground breaking technology for the time.

I mapped out a plan before I even took my O-levels to study for a PhD, and become a researcher in one of the cutting edges of computing, Artificial Intelligence. And strangely enough, that's what I did. I now find myself working on AI projects at Australia's leading computer science research lab. I would say that Felsted provided me with a strong academic foundation and confidence in my abilities. These have helped me in a peripatetic career that has taken me across the globe.

Professor Toby Walsh, Felsted 1977-92
Deputy Director of Cork Constraint Computation Centre