Felsted Prep Performs The Snow Queen

Love conquered evil as our Year 3 and 4 pupils performed the Snow Queen. It was a fantastic three afternoons of entertainment with some fantastic singing, dancing and acting, as well as eye-catching costumes. If you don't believe us, you can read the review from Mrs Burrett, former Head of Felsted Prep, below.

The staff are so proud of all the pupils for their enthusiasm and involvement and we are sure you all enjoyed watching it. 


Review from Mrs Jenny Burrett

- Former Head of Felsted Prep

A treat was promised by Julie Green, Head of Ffrome Court, and a treat was truly delivered. Sidney the Stage Manager assured us from the off that we were in fine hands and from the fabulous, waving welcome from every member of the troupe, right though to the sparkling, vibrant all cast finale, we were thoroughly spellbound by this enchanting and scary story and the dramatic and exciting way it was brought to us. The Snow Queen only had to look at her kidnap victim and she turned to ice; so did we. Her evil stare was terrifying and her character powerfully evoked throughout. Her costume and make up, all white and glittery, made her stand out strongly. Indeed, the costumes and make up were truly striking, bringing such colour and character to the production. It was almost worrying to see how easily many portrayed the role of the ‘baddie’ so convincingly!

The stunning set enhanced the action, glittering and glistening in the background and made the journey through mysterious lands even more exciting. The various solos really brought out the characters of the different individuals and were outstandingly confident for this age group. I’m still longing for ‘ a little bit of butter on a toasted bun!’ Joyous! The music created such atmosphere, heightening and releasing the tension as appropriate and sweeping us all along.

The production was surprisingly pacy with so many to get into the right place at the right time. It was slick and well-rehearsed and the crows really do have something to crow about! Thank you for a wonderful afternoon out! Delighted that hope and love triumphed over evil. If you missed it, I am afraid you missed out!