Felsted Performs '365 days / 365 plays'

In May 2019 Felsted's Years 9 & 10  performed Extracts from '365 days / 365 plays'. 

On the Monday 20th May and Tuesday 21st May I performed in the Year 9 & 10 play, '365 days / 365 plays' by Suzan Lori-Parks. This play was created when one afternoon in 2002 Lori-Parks decided that she would write a play a day for a year. This was the result and she won the Pulitzer Prize.

We only used about 20 extracts but it still produced a highly comical and absurd play. We rehearsed every Tuesday and Thursday for a term, everyone battling with different commitments especially sport and music. In the end after a swarm of bees and a few frantic dress rehearsals it was the night of our first performance. Going out on stage was nerve racking but working "in the round", surrounded by the audience who were sat at tables was exciting and different, creating a totally immersive theatre experience for everyone.

I hope the audience enjoyed it as much as we loved performing. Overall I learnt so much and I can't wait to take part in the next play.

By Ruby Rose, Year 9